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Staff Email Access

As of July 26th 2017, Reardan School District has moved away from self-hosted Exchange to Google Apps for Education for all Staff and Student email.  

What to Expect...

Your existing School District email, contacts and calendar data has been migrated to Google Apps for EDU Hosted Services.  Your existing REARDAN.NET email will continue to be delivered and you should not experience any loss of email during this transition.  If you are using a mobile device to access your email or Calendar, threre are apps that provide easy access to your account, email and calendar data.  


How Do I Access My District E-mail?

Visit or

Your new email address which matches you normal computer login (first initial followed by last name followed by, this will look something like:  Your password will match your existing domain password and can be changed by logging into a computer in the district and changing your account password or by contacting our Help Desk at (509) 590-4240 or sending an email to


Do I need to do anything else?

1. We ask that you please take a moment and log into your REARDANSD.NET Google Account if you have not already done so over the course of this last school year. You should be able to start accessing your email on the new domain immediately following the completion of the migration process end of day July 26th, 2017.

2. Start letting your contacts know that your email address is changing.  You will continue receiving email at the domain however will be replacing it permanently in the future.


How do I access my calendar?

Your existing Outlook Calendar Events/ Appointments are being copied to your new Google Calendar.  Please begin using Google Calendar to schedule any future calendar entries.
Visit: to access your new Google Calendar.


Where can I download the Apps for my phone and devices?

iPhones, iPads and IOS devices:

Email - Email from Google App on the iTunes Store

Calendar - Google Calendar App on iTunes Store


Android and/ or Google devices and Chromebooks:

You can use native apps build into your devices, just add your REARDANSD.NET account to your device!


Please contact the School District or the Philantech3 Tech Support Help Desk at
(509) 590-4240 if you have any trouble logging into your new Google Apps for Education email account.


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