School Board

Reardan-Edwall School Board Operating Protocol

For the purpose of enhancing teamwork among members of the board and the board and  administration, we, the members of the Reardan-Edwall School Board, do hereby publicly  commit ourselves collectively and individually to the following operating protocol:

1. Student needs come first. The board will represent the interests of all the students of our  district.

2. Don’t spring surprises on other board members or the superintendent. Surprises are the  exception, not the rule. We agree to request an item be placed on the agenda in advance  rather than bring it up unexpectedly at the meeting.

3. Agenda requests. To place an item on the agenda, we agree to call or email the board  chair. 

4. Follow the chain of command. The last stop, not the first, will be the board. We agree to  follow the chain of command and insist that others do so. While the Board is eager to listen to  constituents and staff, each inquiry is to be referred to the person who can properly and  expeditiously address the issue. Staff interactions are outlined in Board Policy 1620 & 1620P.

5. Annually commit to a board self-assessment/evaluation. 

6. Clearly stated goals. The board will set and support clear goals for themselves and the  superintendent. The board and superintendent will set clear goals for Reardan - Edwall School  District.

7. Board acts only as a body. Individual board members do not have authority. Only the  Board as a whole has authority. Individual members will support the decision of the board.

8. Hold efficient and effective board meetings. Board packets should be ready on Friday in advance of the board meeting. Updates will be made no later than 24 hours before the  meeting. Board members agree to review packets and ask questions prior to the meeting. A  request to pull an item from the consent agenda will be made in advance of approval of the  agenda or prior to the meeting. Board meetings will begin on time.

9. Executive sessions are confidential. We will not share with family members, friends, or staff.

10. New hire and contract approvals. A board member will serve on all teacher,  administrator, and head coach hiring committees. A board member may serve as an  observer on bargaining committees.

1400P Addendum (A)